Summer favorite no 4 – innovation labor

The blog post that I rank as number four is on my favorite subject number one; innovation. I got the idea to this blog post during a discussion on innovation at the Bank 2.0 conference last year. Two speakers ignited some spark into the event with an argument during a debate on customer driven innovation. One argued that customers were the only relevant innovation driver whereas the opponent argued that a customer driven innovation approach at best generate minor enhancements that never will set you apart from your competitors. There were similar debates among academics at the time. Harvard Business Review had recently published an article with the provoking title “Stop innovating” that quickly become one of their most quoted and challenged articles.

My gut feel told me that the binary view on innovation was wrong. In my mind, there is no single valid innovation driver but I had a hard time expressing it. I scrapped several drafts and was about to give up this blog post when I found an article in HBR on managing the innovation portfolio. The article didn’t elaborate on different innovation drivers but it gave me the framework to put some structure to my flimsy ideas.

I hope that you will enjoy the result from my labors in Customer Driven Innovation at Bank 2.012.

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