Summer favorite no 5

This is the last week of my summer vacation. It has been a terrific summer, probably one of the best for a decade; at least for us sun starved Swedes. So, in order to ease my transition to the hectic work mode that will start on Monday, I will pick up my blogging. But I will follow the example of the television stations and offer you re-runs. I will present my top five posts this week in a countdown on the summer vacation. I admit that this urge is a bit selfish but I hope that readers that have followed this blog for some time will enjoy the revisits to older blog post as much as I did when making my selections. To those of you that are new, I hope that the posts offer some new thoughts and ideas that get you as excited to get back to work as I am.

The blog post that I ranked as number five is the most clicked one ever and was probably the easiest one to write too. But it is not due to the fact that it is written in Swedish (sorry, but the remaining four posts will be in English). No, I was so worked up after having read Carolina Neurath’s eminent book on the crash of HQ Bank that I experienced a unique flow when writing the post. True, I was impressed by her guts to challenge several of the most powerful financial tycoons in Sweden but my flow was from realizing that I have been wrong for many years. As CEO of a listed company, I was extremely critical to the new Corporate Governance model (Bolagskoden) that the board wanted us to adhere to. At the time, I could only see the increased administration and costs but not the increased shareholder value. Like many other opponents, I questioned how increased bureaucracy could add shareholder when the most successful governance model at the time was the one deployed by private equity firms. Carolina’s inside story on HQ Bank showed the dangers in a dominant and rogue chairman and opened my eyes to the value of a governance model that protects the minority shareholders. Please note that Carolina is not to be “blamed” for arguing for improved Corporate Governance. It is all my revelation after reading her fascinating inside story.

I hope that you will enjoy this blog post; Compliance – en koloss på lerfötter. In addition, I recommend you to read her book and listen to her recording as summer host here.

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