What’s your collaboration potential?

I have referred to McKinsey’s report on the value of social collaboration in the enterprise in a previous blog post. They estimate the potential to a mind boggling $ 900 billion to $ 1.3 trillion globally. The majority of this value is attributed to increased white collar productivity. They estimate that an average knowledge worker has the potential to free up 20-25% of a workweek using Web 2.0 technologies within their company. But, as they admit themselves, it will take some structural changes in culture, attitudes and management to reap the full potential. And most of this potential will probably materialize in intangible benefits, not on the bottom-line.

The screen shot below may provide some comfort to those of you that want tangible benefits to justify investments in collaboration technology. What you see is one possible view into the solution that we at Avanade built to help Telenor manage their change process to realize their vision that “connected people work smarter”. Using this PowerPivot view, the user can select countries and kind of on-line calls to assess the potential to reap tangible benefits as measured in saved travel costs and CO2 emissions. The slider gives the user the chance to simulate the benefits if the users increase their usage of Lync on behalf of air travel.

So, what is you collaboration potential? You know who to call if you want to know ;-).

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